Fail Balloon Takes Shape

We have gotten some things to work in the last few days.  Specifically, we got the Aerocomm (4790) to work.  For many days, the 5.0V to 3.3V serial communication wouldn’t work.  We built a voltage stepper, but it just wouldn’t work right.  Today the steppers came in, so I soldered them up and used them.  At first I was extremely frustrated, because it still wouldn’t work.  Then I realized that I hooked up the wrong digital lines on the Arduino (while hooking up the new stepper – not over the last few days!).  Once I fixed this, it worked!

After this, we figured that we may actually finish and should work on the structure so we can size up the new board and lay it all out.  So, here is the design for our new structure.  I put in the cameras and the battery.

The students in class also made a huge amount of progress today.  They also got their communication systems working too!  Two of the teams are about 95% of the way complete, while the other team is about 85% of the way there. The last team is only behind, because they forgot to order a (major) part (i.e., their data logger) (oops). A few of the teams are working on really nice ground systems.  The tracking software is crucial for following the balloon and getting there before or just after it lands.

Hopefully in the next few days, you will be able to see some of the finished balloons.


About aaronridley

Professor at the University of Michigan, Department of Climate and Space Science and Engineering.
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