In case you didn’t know, being a professor is somewhat challenging.  I am the type of person who takes a hard job and makes it even more of a challenge by taking on more and more responsibilities.  Therefore, I often find myself on Saturdays and Sundays working on, well, work, instead of doing things that normal Americans do, like watching back-to-back football games (College on Saturday and Pro on Sunday!)  Also, I tend to have the same issue at home, where I commit to too many things, like splitting wood for our new wood-burning stove.  These tendencies don’t leave me a huge amount of time for hobbies.  Which is somewhat sad.

One hobby that I am trying to support a lot more is photography.  My sister and I started blogs about 2.5 years ago in which we vowed to take a picture a day for a year.  This was extremely challenging, since I didn’t often have time to take even a single picture in a day, let alone a GOOD picture.  Often the pictures were hotel rooms or snapshots of random stuff.  The beautiful thing about this, though, is that it made me constantly look out for opportunities for pictures.  I also acquired a fair bit of photography equipment in that year (the point and shoot just wasn’t cutting it).

Since I am trying to post more here, and I don’t post too many pictures there, I though that I would merge them.  I will now post pictures as well as discussions about science and other things here.  Not sure how this will work out, but, what the heck.  I might take the top 20 pictures from the old blog and repost them here.

So, to start off, here are two pictures that I took this weekend, with some help from my son.  He didn’t really care about the flowers, but since he was playing with Lego while I was doing this, he suggested that we take some shots of them.  The general ideal of these shots is minimalism, which is the suggestion for this week’s assignment on Digital Photography School.

The first is a picture of a flower that we got for Valentines Day. This was shot with natural light coming into the window and no fill light or flash.


The second picture is my son’s idea. Anakin vs. Darth Vader, which is impossible, since they are the same people! So, it is really a picture of inner turmoil.



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Professor at the University of Michigan, Department of Climate and Space Science and Engineering.
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