Since September of last year, about eight months ago, we have been working on a CubeSat called CADRE, whose mission is to measure the thermospheric and ionospheric density, temperature and winds.  We have obviously been spending a huge amount of time on the satellite, and the design is coming along quite nicely, although we are a bit behind our schedule of where we wanted to be.  As we enter into the summer, CADRE will be kicking into full swing, with almost 20 students working on the project full time for the next few months.  Exciting things are going to happen!

Here is a picture of the crew of students who have worked over the last many months to bring the design to the point where it is at now:


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Professor at the University of Michigan, Department of Climate and Space Science and Engineering.
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  1. says:

    Can’t wait to read the post-summer update!

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