w03d01 – Fields of Gold

I sometimes will drive to work the back roads way to see if I can grab a picture.  I typically have to be to work, like now.  But, I can, on occasion, take 10 minutes to stop and take some pictures.  Last week, I stopped then there was a heavy frost and the sun had only been up for a little while.  I came around the corner on Joy road and noticed this corner with lots of tall plants and frost covering everything.  There was also smoke in the air and you could really see the sun beams.  I didn’t get the sun beams, which I have determined are extremely difficult to photograph, but I did get some very nice pictures of the plants.  Here is one.  The next post will be another.  Click for a bigger image.


About aaronridley

Professor at the University of Michigan, Department of Climate and Space Science and Engineering.
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