Some Pictures of China

I have been extremely bad at posting lately.  Sorry!  This last year I had the opportunity to go to China for about a week.  I spent some time in Wuhan and near Shanghai.  I have to say that China was not what I expected.  But that is a story for another day.  Here are some of my pictures that I took around West Lake, which is near Hangzhou.  Since I have a bunch of pictures, maybe I will just post a few a day.

I love bridges, so you will see a few of these here:


I really like taking pictures of people too, but I don’t really like people noticing. Here is a shot that I like because the boy is sunlit, while everyone else seems to be in shadow:


I like this one because it is somewhat symmetric, but not really:

Bridge and Pavilion


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One Response to Some Pictures of China

  1. S. X. says:

    So you never finish your story of China : )

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