China – Round 2

Someone asked if I could post more pictures of China, so I will. I have a couple of hundred, and have gone through about two-thirds of them. It takes me a really long time to post process pictures. But, I have figured out how to open up all of the raw pictures in Photoshop now so I can process them all quickly. Anyways, details, right?

Ok, I will try posting 3 pictures a day for a bit of time. I am sure that will work, because I am so good at posting every day, right? Also, I sort of feel like if I upload a bunch of pictures of Flickr, and post only one or two on the blog, then people might click through and look through all of them. Well, I should just post them to the blog anyways, right?

Ok, here are three shots that I think are interesting:

As I said in the previous post about China, I love bridges. So, the last post had a 1-hole bridge. Here is a 3 hole bridge:
3-Hole Bridge

I really like taking pictures of people, as I have probably said before too. I am somewhat shy about this, so I don’t do it terribly often. But, when you are a tourist, people don’t seem to mind as much. You have your camera out and are taking pictures of everything. So, here is a people picture:

One of the first nights I was in China, we went on a boat tour. I was very lucky and I got a window seat. Also, luckily, I have a pretty good lens for night time pictures. Here is a shot of a hotel reflected off the water at night.
Reflections at Night

I promise that I will post more pictures from China over the next couple of weeks. Many more.


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Professor at the University of Michigan, Department of Climate and Space Science and Engineering.
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