Trip to Boulder

I am sitting in a hotel room in Denver, next to the airport. When I checked the weather two days ago, back in Ann Arbor, it said that Boulder might have an inch of snow. Well, since I arrived last night, we have gotten something like 12 inches of snow and it is still coming down fast. On my way to Boulder, I took some pictures (before the snow). Some of them turned out ok. Here are three:

I like taking pictures with the sun actually in the shot. It seems to make everything a bit more dramatic:
Sun over the Flat Irons

In this one, I like the clouds covering the top of Mt. Evans (I think). Not the best picture of mountains, but it is ok:
Clouds over the Rockies

I really like it when the mountains are blue in color and fade from front to back. I think that this picture illustrates that:
More Clouds over the Rockies

Finally, sitting in my hotel room, I could not help but take a picture of a light with the snow falling. I absolutely love this shot, and will probably use it as a background on my screen. As with most shots, it is best if you get a larger picture….
Blizzard at Night in Denver


About aaronridley

Professor at the University of Michigan, Department of Climate and Space Science and Engineering.
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